What Is GitLocalize?

What is GitLocalize?

GitLocalize is a continuous and automated localization platform that simplifies the translation workflow for developers.

Projects are always changing, and keeping them localized can be a daunting (and annoying) challenge. We realized this and decided that there should be a way to streamline this. GitLocalize connects to your GitHub repository and seamlessly integrates with your development workflow in just a few clicks.

How It Works

You can immediately get started with your GitHub account. All you have to do is choose your repository to integrate with GitLocalize and localization will become easier than ever before. Here are the key features of the platform:

GitHub Based Workflow

GitHub based workflow

Once you integrate your repo with GitLocalize, it pulls the target files to its platform and makes them translatable. It also begins to track changes in the original files so you can easily update the localized versions.

After translating your file, simply send a review request to your team to discuss the updates as you would normally do with a pull request. Once it is reviewed and approved, you can send a pull request back to the repository. Each user's contribution on GitLocalize becomes their commit on the repository.

With GitLocalize, your team will no longer dread localizing your project. Developers only need to look at the pull requests coming in. Let us take care of localization so you can focus on development.

Diff Management on Translations

Diff management

GitLocalize parses your file into trackable segments, automatically links the translation with the version in the source language, and tells you which sections of the file still need to be translated. Even with frequent updates to your project, GitLocalize keeps localization stress-free.

There is no need to remember what needs to be updated. You just need to look at the split-view editor to see which parts of the file are missing translations.

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